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Poster: Work pays Date: Nov 29, 2022 3:04pm
Forum: movies Subject: Pen pal

I am looking for some people who want to be my friend or pen pal. My name is Kacey Maret. I have a Facebook page and you can see what I look like and who I am for the most part. I'm also an artist and I have a family member run a Facebook business page for me to share my artwork with the world. The name is ColtanNpals. You should have a look and let me know what you think. There's a link on the Facebook page that you can click on that takes you directly to a online store that my family runs for me called "Coltans" .It has merchandise with my artwork on it that you can choose from if you want something. I also have an Instagram using the same name. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. There will be holiday images available real soon also. If you want to be my penpal ,you can contact me through the business page with your name ,or my Facebook. Or you can just write me at Kacey maret
302 N. Jeffers street
North platte, Ne.69101
Or the fastest and easiest way for you to get in touch is go online to to start an account for texting and calling and video calls. I'm interested in meeting new people who are looking for a friend or companion. I'm awhite male , 5'9" tall and have tattoos. I grew up in southwest Nebraska and Northwest Kansas. I call home Wilsonville Nebraska and McCook Nebraska. I am looking for people who believe in second chances. I changed my ways of thinking and living. I now focus on my artwork as a career and hope to become very successful in this field. I have been in trouble in my past and am currently incarcerated at a jail. None of my crimes have ever been sexual in any way. I am hoping to become successful enough financially and socially through my personal efforts involving my artwork to make a good living and have everything I need to live a good life ready for me before my release date. That way I will never have any thoughts of returning to any type of crime that will lead me back into a downward spiral. Hopefully someone will be interested in getting to know me personally. Oh my favorite movies are horror and comedy. I am also a true crime fan. And I like animals.